Universal Periodic Review Briefing: Preparation for the Second Cycle

UPR Briefing in Bangkok

UPR Briefing in Bangkok

The first cycle of Universal Periodic Review (UPR) created by the UN General Assembly in 2006 was concluded in June 2011. Changes in the periodicity and the process and modalities of the UPR have been made by the Human Rights Council and will be effective from the second cycle which is scheduled to begin in June 2012. The second and subsequent cycles of the UPR will concentrate, inter alia, on the implementation of accepted recommendations and the human rights developments in the country.

The OHCHR organised the UPR briefing as a preparation for the second cycle, which took place from 6 to 7 September 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand. The workshop was attended by 40 participants from 9 countries, including various ministries, governmental institutions, Regional and National Human Rights Institutions, civil societies, and the UN country team.

Throughout the two-day programme, the workshop enabled participants to be updated on the UPR process and, more specifically, to gain in-depth understanding of the objectives of the second cycle and of the difference between the two cycles. Participants also reviewed and discussed the main trends observed during the first cycle, and shared best practices and their approach towards preparing the second cycle reports.

The briefing also assisted UN Country Team to provide support to States and stakeholders throughout the UPR process as well as to contribute to the process.

At the request, and for the benefit, of the host country, which scheduled for the first cycle review at the twelfth session of the UPR working group, other participating States and stakeholders were invited to share their first cycle experience and best practices with Thailand.