The Philippines CRC reporting

Follow-up to concluding observations for the Philippines

Follow-up and dissemination

The Committee recommends that the State party take all appropriate measures to ensure that the present recommendations are fully implemented, inter alia, by transmitting them to the members of the Cabinet, the Congress, the Supreme Court and to local Governments and Parliaments, when applicable, for appropriate consideration and further action.

The Committee further recommends that the combined third and fourth periodic report, written replies submitted by the State party and related recommendations (concluding observations) it adopted be made widely available in the languages of the country, including through Internet (but not exclusively), to the public at large, civil society organizations, youth groups, professional groups and children, in order to generate debate and awareness of the Convention, its implementation and monitoring.

Next Report

The Committee invites the State party to submit its combined fifth and sixth periodic report by 19 September 2017. This report should not exceed 120 pages (see CRC/C/118). The Committee expects the State party to report every five years thereafter, as foreseen by the Convention.