Treaty Body Capacity Building Programme

There are nine core international human rights treaties from which ten treaty bodies have been established. The treaty bodies are committees of independent experts who monitor the implementation of the treaties. The treaty bodies are composed of independent experts of recognized competence in human rights, who are nominated and elected by State parties. Member States who are Party to a treaty have an obligation to take steps to ensure that everyone in the State can enjoy the rights set out in the treaty.

OHCHR’s Regional Offices across the globe, including in South-East Asia, have dedicated staff working to support and strengthen the capacity of Member States, NHRIs, CSOs and other stakeholders to effectively engage with the UN Human Rights Mechanisms (UNHRMs) and to monitor, implement, and follow-up on recommendations produced by these bodies.

This capacity building programme includes:

  • Trainings for government officials on treaty body reporting and ratification;
  • Trainings for government officials on the establishment/enhancement of the National Mechanisms for Reporting and Follow-up (NMRFs);
  • Facilitating knowledge exchange among Member States on best practices for effective implementation of treaty obligations;
  • Training for NHRIs, CSOs and other stakeholders on engagement with UNHRMs;
  • Production and dissemination of training and communication tools to partners.

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