Dari Dapur brings UN Human Rights’ global #StandUp4Migrants initiative to Malaysia. In partnership with untitled kompeni, the campaign aims to build human rights-based narratives and promote a culture of welcoming migrants in Malaysia – by using food to create common ground and a safe space to reimagine dialogue on migration.

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EP1: Liza x Elvi & Kavin Jay

“Migrant or no migrant, everybody’s going through something. Everyone’s fighting a battle you can never see, you can never know.”

Malaysian comedian Kavin Jay and food Instagram Influencer Elvi made a day trip to a rubber plantation in which they had their first taste of Cambodia’s “number one food” – Nom Banh Chok, prepared by their special host Liza. Sitting down over a meal, they shared their stories and reflected on they have in common.

EP2: Hameed x Chef Wan & Dr Hartini

“All of us, at one time, were immigrants from somewhere. Whatever sect you come from I cannot judge you. But I can love you, I can respect you.”

Malaysian celebrity Chef Wan learns the difference between Pakistani and Malaysian korma – which is a secret ingredient that is new even to the veteran restaurateur – while social justice influencer Dr Hartini Zainudin shares an emotional conversation with their hosts who are refugees from Pakistan.

EP3: James x Bunga and Teacher Samuel

“We should not hinder their aspirations; instead, we should encourage them and value them as individuals and not label them merely based on their citizenship.”

Malaysian hijabi rapper Bunga and Teacher Samuel learn about the Kachin community, and why they are in Malaysia, while getting a taste of Kachin “jungle food,” prepared by their special host James in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

EP4: Vishwa & Janna x Yasmin & Chrystina

“They are the same as us, they love, they care, they have their own dreams and aspirations. I think it’s good for us to stand in their shoes.”

Authentic Tamil fare awaits Malaysian Tamil film star Yasmin Nadiah and Chinese-language radio DJ Chrystina when they meet their hosts Vishwa and Janna, a Sri Lankan couple who are so passionate about their food that they set up a YouTube account to promote it.

EP5: Fatih x Nurul Izzah Anwar

“I don’t want to be negative. I don’t like other people to be negative. I just feel happy when I see my kids are okay. That is my power.”

Malaysian politician and activist Nurul Izzah Anwar finds parenting inspiration from Syrian single mother Fatih, who turns her passion for cooking into her occupation. Visiting Fatih’s home, Nurul Izzah learns the secret behind Chicken Mandy, a Yemeni dish popular in the Arab world.

EP6: Suha x Lisa Surihani

“What I learned was ‘try and not let what you do not know of affect the way you treat other human beings.’ No matter who it is our actions should be rooted in kindness.”

Malaysian actress Lisa Surihani visits a migrant worker Suha in an oil palm estate for a meal of cow’s feet soup. At the same time, she learns more about faith, community and family from her Indonesian hosts.

EP7: Ayesha et al x Melisa & US Ambassador

“When Malay families have guests come to the house, we give everything to the guest… It’s okay if the host does not eat but you give the best to your guest. That was how I felt – they gave the best, they gave everything to us.”

The Dari Dapur team organised a truly international iftar dinner for Ramadan 2023. U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia Brian D. McFeeters and Malaysian broadcast journalist Melisa Idris break fast with traditional Rohingyan food prepared by their special hosts. Celebrating Eid, they share memories and find so much in common.

Every story brings us closer together.

Celebrate what we have in common, and what makes us unique.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN Human Rights) is the leading UN entity on human rights. We represent the world’s commitment to the promotion and protection of the full range of human rights and freedoms set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We have a unique role to promote and protect all human rights, help empower people, and assist governments in the Asia Pacific region and around the world.

UN Human Rights’ #StandUp4Migrants initiative aims to change the way we tell stories about migrants and migration, brining communities together and upholding the human rights of migrants no matter who they are or where they come from.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, untitled kompeni works with local communities to make documentaries and multimedia tools for social impact and community empowerment.

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