This instructive guide is intended to inspire and support civil society actors and other stakeholders in the Asia Pacific region to develop and implement public narrative change campaigns on migration and related issues. Through outlining the steps we followed in the process of research and campaign development in two pilot countries in the region (Malaysia and Australia), we tell the story of how we designed, implemented and evaluated narrative change campaigns on migration and people on the move.

UN Human Rights and our partners have undertaken considerable conceptual and normative work in recent years to identify strategies to promote narratives that inspire hope and have shared values, human rights and human stories at their heart. Our work has been based on the understanding that how we speak about migration plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing equality and human rights through painting a picture of the future we share, united around our common humanity. Please refer to our publication on Seven Key Elements on Building Human Rights-based Narratives on Migrants and Migration and its accompanying Toolbox as an additional reference when you use this instructive guide.

We invite you to use these insights to inform your own process for narrative change interventions on migration and other human rights issues that are relevant to the Asia Pacific region.