Report of Expert Dialogue with Civil Society and NHRIs on Regional Human Rights Mechanisms in Africa, the Americas and Europe

Jakarta, 4-5 May 2009

From 4-5 May 2009, OHCHR South-East Asia Regional Office in Bangkok (ROB), the civil society Solidarity for Asian Peoples Advocacy Task Force on ASEAN and Human Rights (TF-AHR), and the CIDA funded Southeast Asia Regional Cooperation in Human Development (SEARCH) jointly organised a workshop on regional human rights mechanisms in Africa, the Americas and Europe. The participants for the workshop were the thematic and national focal points of the TF-AHR and National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) representatives from the region, with experts on the human rights systems in Africa, the Americas and Europe acting as resource persons throughout the two days. The aim of the workshop was to share experiences of how civil society and NHRIs in the regions of Africa, the Americas and Europe contributed to the establishment and development of credible regional human rights mechanisms. Through the course of sharing these experiences, civil society organisations (CSOs) and NHRIs from South-East Asia were able to consider new ideas on how to contribute to the creation of credible and effective ASEAN human rights mechanisms.