Publications: Migration

Situation of Migrants in Transit (2016)

Migrants in Transit

The report seeks to analyse the human rights situation of migrants in transit, highlighting human rights concerns as well as the relevant normative framework. It contains recommendations aimed at addressing critical protection gaps for migrants in transit. Read more...

Behind Closed Doors: Protecting and Promoting the Human Rights of Migrant Domestic Workers in an Irregular Situation (2015)

Behind Closed Doors

Migrants make up a substantial proportion of all domestic workers, including migrants who are in an irregular situation. Compelled to live in the shadows due to their status as a domestic worker as well as an irregular migrant, many are at risk of being exploited, ill-treated and denied their dignity as human beings. Read more...

The Economic, Social and Cultural rights of Migrants in an Irregular Situation (2015)

Econ, Social & Cultural Rights of Migrants

The search for better living and working conditions, growing inequalities between and within countries, discrimination and other human rights violations, poverty, environmental degradation, conflict and violence, as well as demands from labour markets, continue to push and pull migrants across international borders. Read more...