Role of Youth as Agents of Change

Indigenous Peoples Land Rights, Environment and Climate Change: Bangkok, 20-21 June 2019

UNBANGKOK (11 June 2019) – Young human rights defenders from South-East Asia’s indigenous communities will gather in Bangkok, Thailand, to strengthen their role as agents of change on the issue of land rights, environment and climate change, in a region where most national laws do not recognise indigenous peoples as a distinct collective with rights.

The young activists will attend a special workshop organised by the UN Human Rights Office for South-East Asia on 20-21 June to discuss international human rights standards, cooperation with UN human rights mechanisms, state institutions and civil society organisations, as well as advocacy with the media.

Indigenous peoples throughout the world share something in common: they often face eviction from their lands and are not meaningfully consulted on projects affecting those lands. Ownership and control of their lands and territories continue to be denied to many indigenous communities throughout the South-East Asian region.

Indigenous youth are particularly vulnerable to human rights violations, and they need better understanding of the legal situation and better tools to defend their rights.