Internship Programme

Internships for graduate students are available at the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). These internships are intended to:

  • increase the intern's understanding of current human rights issues at the international level and give them an insight into the work of the United Nations and OHCHR in particular; and
  • provide OHCHR and the United Nations Human Rights mechanisms with the assistance and contribution of outstanding young students or graduates.

The relationship between the Organization and the intern is one of mutual benefit. Interns are assigned to an organizational unit of OHCHR according to the needs of the Office and their own areas of interest. They are involved, inter alia, in: researching human rights issues, drafting analytical papers and reports, providing substantive and technical servicing of meetings, backstopping fact-finding and technical cooperation activities as well as field operations and supporting other OHCHR activities, depending on the exigencies of the Office. As part of the internship programme, OHCHR endeavours to brief interns through a series of information sessions on human rights issues conducted by staff of the Office.

Qualifications required

Participants in the internship programme are selected from graduate students and holders of graduate level degrees in disciplines related to the work of the United Nations, e.g. International Law, Political Science, History, Social Sciences, Communications and Public Information. Preference will be given to those, within these disciplines, who have specialized in human rights issues. Typically, interns do not have previous working experience of this nature. Ability to read and write one of the official languages of ASEAN countries (ex. Bahasa, Thai, Malay, Laotian, Vietnamese, Burmese and Tagalog) would be an asset. Drafting ability in English is required.

Procedure for applying

Only candidates available for six months are considered. Internship periods are from January to June and July to December. The deadline for July-December 2015 period is 31 March 2015 and for January-July 2015 is 31 September 2015.

Interested graduate students should create an account in Inspira and apply online through UNESCAP Internship Programme website.

Requests for other general information may be addressed either by e-mail to or by mail to:

Internship Programme, OHCHR Regional Office for South-East Asia
United Nations Building, Rajdamnern Avenue
Bangkok 10200, Thailand.


Current Internship Opportunities: